This is how Gabriel Igarashi captures images and perpetuates moments in videos.  Currently living in Los Angeles, but born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Gabriel is an Advertising graduate who long go embraced his true calling for filming.

He discovered his photographic talent at 12 years of age and since then he has been improving his technique and developing his creativity.

He spent some time in California working as the Director of Photography for the film 'Beyond Sight'. He also worked in San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Washington and New York filming backlot scenes for cinema, besides also having worked with filming in the north of England and in Paris.

Besides cinema, sporting events and institutional works, he has a real passion for filming weddings, parties and children’s birthdays, and has extensive experience in the field. His film designs are unique and fully customized, capturing the individuality of each event.

Being a musician, he possess an incredible musical sensitivity , allowing him to perfectly unite sound and image. Just like art, each film has its own DNA, ensuring authenticity and originality to it all of his works.

Unlike many, Gabriel refuses to hand over editing to third parties. He himself edits each of his films. Although this means he is unable to accept every job, it also means they all live up to his strict quality standard.

Gabriel Igarashi spares no efforts in order to achieve the best results. I had the pleasure of working with him in a feature film and was impressed by his dedication and love for what he does. He’s and excelent director of photography, who, along with his criativity, will certainly have much to add to any project that he is involved in
— Bruno Lemos - Diretor e Fotógrafo